‘PA’RÒLE’- FW 2016/17 -


– Alice Firman Graduate collection FW 2016/17 –

Emotion, thoughts, words:

The “inside” is as important as the “outside”.

My interests lie in aiming to understanding how the human mind and our emotions work and translating that into fashion through garments.


We are all made of a mixture of emotions, both positive and negative, but we tend to only show positive ones and be ashamed of the others. Our society has imposed a model of happiness onto us: a model that is unrealistic, and forces us to pursue happiness at any cost, despite any other feeling. We need both positive and negative emotions, but I believe that by finding a balance within our emotions, one can find true happiness.


I want my collection to make you feel empowered, to make you feel good about yourself.

I want my clothes to hug you and make you want to open up, share your feelings and be proud of who you are.


From the outside: My collection looks strong and high fashion, a mix of classical Italian tailoring and creative avant-garde cuts.

It is made for both women and men that are looking for sleek and elegant clothes, aligned with their personality.

Based on Italian classic tailoring (representing my heritage) with unique cuts and shapes, each piece is enriched by hand and machine embroidery, screen prints, hand painting, lace appliqué and skin tone embroidered mesh inserts than unveil the body.

The colour palette is based on black and white, with touches of gold, ivory, skin tones, and different colours lace.


From the inside: Every feature of my collection tells a story.

The main elements of the collection are paper rips that represent opening yourself up; the moon and the flowers that symbolize the fragile part of the soul and the words embroidered inside cuffs, collars and linings that stand for repetitive thoughts, and embroidered mesh elements that add an extra dimension to every piece in the collection.

PA’RÒLE’ has been sponsored by Antonio Marras, Manuela Arcari (Ter et Bantine’s Creative Director) and  Sophie Hallette (will enter the Sophie Hallette Lace Challenge) and was shown at Graduate Fashion Week, London, in June 2016.